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Taking the confusion out of cannabis

Navigating the process of obtaining legal, medical cannabis is far from streamlined. The process is still very confusing and can often times be overwhelming for new patients.  Our dedicated team of professionals will help you each step of the way.  From obtaining your medical cannabis approval, to registering yourself, and choosing a licensed producer & placing your first order- we will hold your hand along the way.

education beyond the prescription

Our exceptional team of Cannabis Counsellors and Educators are your partners in health care. Not sure about your dosage, how to administer your prescription, or just have a question about side effects? We are here to help you each step of the way.

Five Easy Steps

1. Referral Form

Have a physician complete a Physician Referral Form. You can download the form to bring to your doctor. If you are unable to get a referral, a copy of your medical records (proof of diagnosis) will also be accepted.

2. Schedule an Appointment

Book an appointment to see one of our on call physicians. Appointments can be made by calling 1-780-975-2641 or filling out our form HERE.
You will also need our New Patient Intake Forms, which you can download to bring with you to save time!

3. Consultation and Assessment

A physician who is there will assess, discuss, and potentially authorize you for medical cannabis.

4. Education and Counseling

If medical cannabis is authorized, the onsite counselor will assist with selection and registration with the best matched licensed producer. They will also be there to educate and answer questions about medical cannabis and advise you about cannabis use.

5. Follow-Ups

Regular follow-ups are arranged to track your progress, ask questions, and discuss changes regarding your medication.

New Patient Documents

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Speak to our highly trained professional team of cannabis counsellors to see if cannabis may be a good fit for your health care plan.