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Emerald Leaf Cannabis Clinic has now gone online!  We are providing services to both patients and physicians in the medical cannabis industry.  The Emerald Leaf Cannabis Clinic network works with authorized physicians and a team of trained cannabis educators who provide personalized care, education and follow-up to patients interested in accessing medical cannabis.  We are able to prescribe within Alberta and register patients with existing prescriptions across Canada

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We understand that you may have several questions about how the process works and determining if cannabis is right for you. Our trained staff of doctors and counselors are here to guide you through the entire process.

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Our physicians will assess whether medical cannabis is a potential therapy for your medical condition.


If medical cannabis is authorized, the onsite cannabis educators will assist with registration with a Licensed Producer and selection of medical cannabis products.


Cannabis educators will walk you through the process of ordering medical cannabis and will answer any questions about medical cannabis that you may have.



Regular follow-ups are arranged to track your progress, ask questions, and to renew your access to medical cannabis.
Why choose Emerald Leaf

An Experience Like None Other

Care with Confidence

Our team is specifically trained & educated to work just with cannabis patients. It is our focus, so your health can be your focus.

Counseling Your Way

With our Remote Counseling program, you have access to cannabis educators & physicians in your back pocket.

Comforting Guidance

We understand how confusing it can be to navigate the cannabis process. Let us hold your hand each step of the way.


What Our Patients say

The team at Emerald Leaf really took the time to make this process as easy as possible. I felt really comfortable throughout the entire process and I know I am in good hands with them.
Amanda L.
First Time Cannabis User
It was so refreshing to work with a company that wasn't just trying to rush through to maximize profits. They wanted to know all about me, my PTSD, and my symptoms. I won't work with anyone else.
Adam C.
My chronic pain has been a big concern for the past few months. I have been curious about medical cannabis but was overwhelmed by the process and legal regulations. Emerald Leaf Cannabis Clinic took all the confusion away and treated me with such care.
Carol E.
Former Teacher

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